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Have a great Profile Picture:

Alongside your name, your profile picture on LinkedIn is one of the first things people see. Whether it’s in search results, when you make a post or when you like, comment or share other posts. It’s important as it can make or break the individual’s first impression of you. Although the worst thing you can do is have no profile picture at all. This opens up the thought that it may be a fake account. So, when it comes to choosing a profile picture, make sure you are smiling, the picture should be clear and visible, not dimly-lit and be sure to make it reflect the line of work you are in or looking at, if possible. So, before making your LinkedIn profile stand out, make sure you have a great photo selected.

Create an eye-catching headline:

The first thing people see after your name and profile picture is the headline. The default settings will fill this with your current position and that’s okay – but it can be whatever you want. You have 120 characters to work with, so why don’t you take the opportunity to make yourself stand out from the crowd? Think of it as a small advert for you and what it is you want to do. Instead of putting your job title, why not mention your specialty and how it can benefit others? While making yourself stand out, be sure to remember your target audience, whether it may be work colleagues, customers or headhunters. Write for your target audience. Give a little insight into what you can bring to the table.

Use the summary section to tell your story:

We all have a story to tell and your LinkedIn summary section is the best place to tell it however you like. While some use it to list their current job role or their most valuable skills. It’s got potential as a way to connect with employers and colleagues by showing some more of an insight into who you are — what led you to your current job. Why? What are you looking for next? What could you bring to the team?

Update roles, experience and achievements on a regular basis:

You don’t want to let your profile sit idle for too long. It’s a good idea to regularly update your profile with your current job or job-seeking status, new skills you’ve obtained, or projects you’ve completed. Not only does this help keep it consistent, but it also shows that you’re continuing to grow and learn. Which will stand out to potential employers.

Make as many connections as possible:

This might seem like the most obvious thing to do on LinkedIn, it can be easy to forget just how important your network is. Remember to keep growing your network as you meet new people. Whether it is people you know personally, are currently working with or have worked with in the past and anyone you meet in a professional setting. Having a lot of connections will help to keep you visible to others, which in turn will help build your network.

Ask for recommendations:

Think of all the people you’ve built relationships with over the years. When you edit your profile, there is a link you can click to ask for recommendations. When you click on it you are able to choose what you’d like to be recommended for and can choose from a list of people from your connections to ask. All that’s left to do is send it out, and hope you get some good feedback. Recommendations are key in making your profile stand out. Employers will notice when others have recognized the work you’ve done.